Give Your Customers The Human Touch

Most businesses spend time attracting customers to a product or service, trying to win their trust and then ending the whole process with a sale. That tactic seems obvious to most people. They are aiming to have "satisfied" customers. No! What we all should do is to have loyal customers.

Research has shown that 65% of customers are satisfied. You may be happy with this but you should not! Satisfied customers are in a state of nothing. They are not dissatisfied or happy; they are in between. They'll tolerate you while you're on the phone.

On the other hand, loyal customers are your friends. They want to be through you through thick and thin; they want to try out new product; they will give you honest feedback; they will regularly refer business to you. This is what you want!

But how can you turn a satisfied customer into a loyal one?

1.Let Them Decide How To Do Business With You

Today customers are a lot more sophisticated in how they want to do business. If your product or service lends itself to a number of different means, then give your customer the option.

Can you deliver face-to-face? What about telephone services? Could you make use of SMS texts for quick notes and reminders? Do you have a website through which customers can make or even make orders online?

If they provide a variety of delivery channels, they are more likely to stay with you. 

2. Build a Relationship

Loyalty can only be obtained if you have a true relationship with your customer. Aim to build rapport. Understand who are dealing with you and understand what they are looking for. Keep in regular contact with them; you do not have to be selling something. Always use their names, especially their first name if you can.

All of this wants help in building a long term relationship. Once you have this, they are less likely to walk away.

3. Generate Staff Loyalty

How can you cultivate a loyal customer? You must have a job in the job and do something to protect yourself and move forward. Customers will be more loyal if they see familiar faces. A business with a high-volume turnover wants to find it difficult to build a relationship with their customers.

Treat your staff well. Reward their successes and recognize their achievements. Hold regular training sessions so they feel they are learning and developing. An established training program wants to make sure that their product knowledge is up to date.

4. Seek Out Complaints

This sound strange but the average customer has to be encouraged to complain. Many people want to stay quiet about poor service but they can. Set up a clear complaints procedure so customers can complain if they wish. Provide staff with the tools to effectively deal with customer problems. They have been resolved. 

5. Take an interest

Show your customers that you are interested in their views. Run regular surveys to find out what you can think of your service or what you can do differently. You can either carry out a survey over the telephone, or go as far as doing a mailing to all your customers.

Taking the trouble to contact your customers will make you feel good. 

6. Be a "Can Do" Business

Customers like nothing better than a business which delivers on the most difficult of requests. "Can Do" businesses always wants to have loyal customers. Train your staff to never use words like, "Sorry but", "It's not my fault", "It's company policy".

Be a business where solutions are always considered and problems seen as challenges.

7. Look After The "Golden" Customers

80% of your sales or 80% of your customers. Work out who your top 20% are and love them to death! Why not concentrate on turning the remaining 80% into loyal customers? Well, the 20% have been shown that they trust and respect you. A little more effort with these customers wants to reap more business than concentrating on the 'maybe's. "By all means, to run a program to convert the" maybe's "but put more effort into the converted.

Take a critical look at your business and put a loyalty building program in place, which will boost sales and profits. Treat your customers like your own family. Go out of your way to communicate with them. If you neglect them, they will go elsewhere. 


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